Tree Maintenance in Nelson

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There is a large forestry industry in and around Nelson, but all the companies involved are generally very busy and very focused on clearing and processing the trees on logs as quickly and safely as possible. For landowners that need general tree maintenance or tree removal the only real solution is to employ an arborist company.

Nelson tree removal specialist Joshua Dell cuts a piece out of a tree – below the area that he’s hanging from!

Is the tree maintenance is required after a large storm then it is most likely that all the arborist in the region will be very busy and so the landowner can expect to wait a long time for the work and you pay a lot more than normal. But in all other times the landowner will have a pretty good choice from a number of qualified and experienced arborist companies in Nelson. The landowner can find all these companies very easily by searching for arborist Nelson on Google, but the real challenge comes when they are trying to pick a company to do their work.

Sometimes the work required the specialist and may require a specialist arborist, for example if the work requires operating at a considerable height up the tree. In most cases the work required that is not small damage can be carried out buy most arborists. The difficulty for the landowner is choosing the best for the job, in the smart thing to do here it’s to ask for references from previous customers and to compare prices from at least three different companies.

There is a big difference between the top level professional companies and those operating in a not so professional way. Ironically the most professional companies will also be able to complete the work in the fastest time and for the lowest cost, simply because they will have the highly skilled and experienced operators for the work and they will have all the necessary modern equipment. So-called cowboy operators will generally find it very difficult to win a lot of good business because their staff will not be able to operate as efficiently or as safely as the professional operators. Do they even know how to cut down a tree?

Bad storms frequently in the Nelson area, and there is often considerable tree damage after such a storm, that affects residential, commercial, Council and farming land equally. If the damage is widespread enough and large enough then arborist from other regions will come on to help clean up the mess, but this can take quite a long time and can be quite costly for the landowner.